Future of Technology in Public Legal Education

Last summer, I co-wrote a research paper with some colleagues on the future of technology. While the full report hasn’t been released, I wanted to share how recent advances in technology offer new avenues to engage and educate the public.  Our research team conducted an extensive literature review and contacted…

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Digital Engagement and why you should care

The digital world has impacted every area of our lives, and design is no different. Imagining design today without digital tools seems impossible to consider. From computers to the software running on them, much of our work is tied to the computer. While we work on illustration and life drawing…

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Making Creative Digital Media Campaigns

It is increasingly clear that non-profits struggle to attract attention to their causes. Despite the web having unparalleled reach and efficiency, it has actually become harder at times to get your message heard by constituents and followers. Why has the cost of acquisition for new members and supporters increased (sometimes…

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Planning Stakeholder Engagement, Part 1: Getting Started

I love facilitating gatherings for stakeholder engagement. It’s a key part of the Deep Listening phase in our methodology. When we talk about Deep Listening, it really means understanding what internal and external stakeholders are thinking about. Stakeholder engagement is a very necessary part of our methodology of Deep Listening….

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