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It is increasingly clear that non-profits struggle to attract attention to their causes. Despite the web having unparalleled reach and efficiency, it has actually become harder at times to get your message heard by constituents and followers. Why has the cost of acquisition for new members and supporters increased (sometimes exponentially)? The reason is the endless amount of competition for attention. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs and websites, I believe that our attention is being split a thousand different ways. Attention has become a key consideration for nonprofits.

Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo, Capulet Communications, have outlined two different approaches to attract attention. The first is what they call heartbeat marketing, which is the day-to-day heartbeat of online activity that needs to occur in order to make the organization at least on par with any similar organization. The second is what they term, “Remarkables.” (a term coined by Seth Godin), Remarkables are creative digital media campaigns that Agentic specializes in building.

These creative digital media campaigns are especially relevant today because they cut through the noise by inspiring actions and activities. They tell interesting stories that make us laugh, or touch us emotionally. They can present information in an informative and exciting way that creates compelling calls to action. They are key tools in a modern toolbox of engagement.  And yet, many non-profits never use them. Why?

Here at Agentic, we think that’s a mistake. While they can be more complicated than a regular web builds, remarkables form a significant part of have a place in building an online presence. In today’s context, when attention is the commodity, a well-built remarkable can do many things to position an organization as contemporary and progressive to potential donors, supporters and stakeholders.

Take a look at the webinar we made:

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