Jai Djwa, Principal

For more than 20+ years, I’ve run Agentic as a digital media agency. We’ve worked on so many projects, it’s impossible to count. But always, our focus has been social change, in alignment with my values of community, collaboration, creativity and making positive change in the world.

Since 2017, I’ve changed our focus from building websites to a deeper relationship with my clients. It’s a more satisfying relationship that builds on my my 25 years of experience. 

You can learn more about me on my website↗.

Creative Technologists

We work as creative technologists. We help organizations develop and build their complex technology projects. We work side by side with your staff to give them the technical and creative backup that they need.

Creative Campaigns

We build creative campaigns. This includes microsites, email blasts, and creative engagements. We write, design and deploy the campaigns. Think of us as your creative juice on tap.

Usability Research

We conduct usability research to know your audience. Using the latest tools, we find out what's really going on with your visitors. We help you understand what is driving them to you, or driving them away.


We develop strategy. We discover and recommend strategies for digital engagement and build a long term vision.

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