Reverend Billy

Reverend Billy & the Stop Shopping Choir is a group of Earth-loving urban activists, anti-consumerist Gospel shouters, with the goal of refocusing their site towards one that champions their performance work and eco-justice orientation. We worked together to update the Rev. Billy site using a NationBuilder platform in order to grow their engagement with their audience and manage their fan’s expectations.

Reverend Billy & the Stop Shopping Choir represents a diverse array of economic, ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds, spreading their message of anti-consumerism and urban activism. A group with performance works entitled, Monsanto is the Devil, and Credit Card Exorcism deserves a site that conveys the same zeal and energy as their live renderings.

We took the graphics from Rev. Billy’s previous site and adapted them so that the graphics of animals and winged cherubs were still present on the new site, but serve as the navigation rollover graphics. Additionally, we developed the the group’s new logo. We’re all about maintaining our clients’ personal flare and brand throughout the digital content that we build, and Rev Billy was no exception.

NationBuilder allowed Rev Billy & the Stop Shopping Choir to gather their audience in one place, including offering the option to donate, sign up, or volunteer, and even to transmit text message updates directly to their audience. Rev. Billy wanted to boost involvement and donation rates, so we chose to funnel users to an easy-to-use form on the new site. Yet another feature is that it provides a visually clear way to order upcoming tour dates, which helps Rev. Billy focus on their live performance dates.

Lastly, Rev. Billy’s site redesign showcases their rich bank of blog postings that are frequently updated by the group. Their previous digital ecology was tangled so that blog posts were hard to navigate and visually disorganized. The new site offers a clean and simple layout that gives prominence to the stunning images and articles posted. With an emphasis on rebranding to showcase their performance and economic justice work, Reverend Billy’s updated website both conveys the group’s social justice goals and highlights their limitless energy.

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