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The 30-Day Financial Fitness Challenge was designed as a campaign to promote the IFLC’s Financial Fitness Handbook, and incentivizes youth to become financially fit by rewarding them with musical downloads for practicing money management skills.
Over the course of thirty days, participants are automatically emailed simple tasks relating to a specific chapter of the Handbook, in order to help them stay on track and reach their financial goals. Youth participants are rewarded each week with a free musical download from today’s top First Nations recording artists. The featured musical downloads were from a range of genres in order to appeal to all musical tastes. The artists included Os Twelve, Inez Jasper, Drezus, and Murray Porter.

The Indigenous Financial Literacy Committee is a group of organizations committed to sharing knowledge, materials and training to help improve financial literacy for Indigenous children, youth, adults, families and elders in British Columbia. The First Nations Financial Fitness Handbook and 30-Day Challenge were made possible by various social service partners, such as the Public Guardian and Trustee (PGT) and the Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of BC (AFOABC).

The challenge that the IFLC proposed to Agentic was to create fun, digestable and valuable content out of information that young adults generally find unappealing. Becoming financially literate is not easy for anyone, but we were determined to make it enjoyable and accessible so that the youth of today can feel empowered by their money management skills, ultimately grow into healthier and happier adults.

Learning about money takes practice and dedication, which is why we developed a drip email campaign that allows participants the flexibility to develop their skills slowly, and at their own pace. We encouraged young adults to effectively use the Handbook by providing song downloads from five top First Nations recording artists. When a user signs up to be part of the 30-Day Financial Fitness Challenge, they receive an email every two days directing them to complete a simple task using the information from the digital Handbook. Users receive the song downloads once a week, as a reward for completing tasks like writing down their monthly income or creating a savings account at the bank.

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