Suzuki’s Blue Dot Tour

The David Suzuki Foundation is always a leader in so many ways. For this project, they asked us to create a 30 minute interactive video for pre-show, VIP room and during the intermission.
The goal for David Suzuki’s Blue Dot Tour was to create an exciting call to action that people could participate in. We worked to mix animations, local colour from each of the tour’s 20 cities, and calls to action into this multimedia campaign. Volunteers with digital cameras took photos during the intermission at each tour location and those photos were mixed live into Suzuki’s presentations. This project allowed us to collaborate with a number of talented people from a range of fields, including the amazing VJ Electrobelle. We believe strongly in the power of David Suzuki’s work on climate change and were thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to his message.

As part of the interactive video, there were a number of different elements. Here’s an example 10 minute video of various parts of the 30 minutes.


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  • Client: David Suzuki Foundation
  • Year: 2014

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