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Granville Island Mobile

The project:

This year, Granville Island is as relevant as it was when it opened more than 25 years ago. So developing a mobile site was a key feature for them to connect visitors to the Island with the right shopping opportunities where and when they needed it -- on their mobile phone! We focused on what was most important for a busy tourist or an Island regular that is looking for something different.


Developing a mobile site is becoming important for all our clients, and Granville Island is a destination site for tourists and regulars alike. We developed a cost-effective mobile site by focusing on what matters - the key directory and map information for finding all of the shopping and dining opportunities, along with an exploratory Top 10 things to do. We were able to leverage the Drupal site the main site uses to provide up-to-the date information. 

One of the important decisions we made was to make a mobile site that was separate from the main site. We did this because we wanted to ensure that the focus was on what we determined was the most important parts for visitors to use. Plus, the site wasn't an easy site to make all parts responsive. That's why making the m.granvilleisland.com site was even more attractive. 

We're glad to see it's being used, with close to 30% of the visits to Granville Island.com on mobile.