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  • Genocide Intervention Network

    Just got the go-ahead for an exciting new project that will see us working with the Genocide Intervention Network out of Washington, DC. We'll be working with STAND, the student anti-genocide... Read more

  • Future of Work

    I had the opportunity to be a part of a Broadband Symposium in Haida Gwaii this past Monday. It was organized by Art Lew of the Community Futures there. It was a great opportunity to hear from a... Read more

  • Agentic Studio Christmas Closures

    Seems incredible to think about this now, but indeed we are planning our holidays carefully! :-) The studio will close end of day Friday Dec 21st and reopen Monday the 7th of January. We will be... Read more

  • Is your company making the most of the world's online social networks?

    From a Globe and Mail special on Web 2.0 Phillip Djwa, CEO of Agentic Communications in Vancouver, says, "There are now 2.7 million Canadians on Facebook. Companies should be aware that their... Read more

  • Launches!

    Digital Drum is a place for Aboriginal Cultural expression — for example: storytelling, media literacy, community traditions, activism and music. It's a website that we've been working on and... Read more

  • Agentic in Top 100 Fastest Growing Businesses in Vancouver

    Just pick up Business in Vancouver this week to learn that Agentic Communications is number 46 on the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies this year. The growth rate since 2002 has been 331%! Wow! I can... Read more

  • Wanted: An Office Manager

    We're hiring - looking for an office manager!   This is an exciting and diverse position that combines general office management with financial responsibilities, making you the hub of our small... Read more

  • Is it Fall yet? Starting to feel like it!

    We're starting to book the studio for October which is great, but wild to think about the work we're going to be doing in the fall. Emily and I will be going to Toronto for a quick trip to see The... Read more

  • Some exciting summer work!

    BC Healthy Living Alliance - we're going to be redoing a website for them, so we're quite excited to be working on such a worthwhile project. They are working towards a healthier BC and have set some... Read more

  • People Together Foundation

    We're working on some really interesting projects lately and one I wanted to mention is the People Together Foundation. It's a project of a local foundation to address reconciliation activities for... Read more


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