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  • Siege biscuits: You really can eat just one

      Today we're celebrating the launch of our Battle Castle flash game and teaser site with siege biscuits! These not-so-tasty treats were carried by armies as they prepared for the long siege ahead.... Read more

  • Summertime update

     Vancouver has been a cold and wet place this summer, apparently with the most rain in 20 years! Still, we've been working away and are happy to welcome a number of new projects, including a web... Read more

  • Content is King. Long live Content! Or how your content impacts everything you do online.

    Every time we build a new website for an organization, there is an opportunity to think about and discuss content, the written text and photos that an organization presents online. It’s a key piece... Read more

  • Spring Updates

    Spring is finally here in the air, with the cherry trees in full bloom. It's a good time to take stock as we head finally into some warmer weather. We've had a number of great projects lately, with... Read more

  • Digital storytelling in the awkward years

    The structural transition facing traditional media can certainly trigger a lot of anxiety. As a recent journalism graduate, I experienced much of it in J-school, where the prevalent feeling around... Read more

  • A Bright New Year

    Quite delighted to start the new year with a number of successful projects and general good news. Chief among them is that we have received word that we have a successful grant application for a... Read more

  • Melting Silos 2010

    We've launched the new 2010 Melting Silos program, which is a development project for five innovative narrative projects. Melting Silos is supported by Telefilm Canada and by partners NFB and Praxis... Read more

  • Digital Ecology on

    As part of their digital footprint, Mercy Corps, a prominent NGO that acts to alleviate poverty and suffering throughout the world, has seven major websites, including their main site, campaign sites... Read more

  • Fall approaches!

    Wow, the summer has flown by and the fall is coming! We've been really busy this summer, working on a great new project with the Anti-Discrimination Center in NYC on a new journal; helping a new... Read more

  • Web of Change 2010

    This year, we are supporting Web of Change as a Title Sponsor, which is a significant change for us. But it's reflective of the real importance this gathering has had for us, both as a business and,... Read more


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