Why our methodology is like brain surgery

Imagine that you have the need for a brain surgeon. Horrible I know, but imagine you do for the moment.Ê Then imagine that before your surgery, you said, “Listen, I know my brain pretty well, and I’ve met a lot of other brains in my life. I think you need to start on the left side.”Not that I know anything about brain surgery, but it’s ridiculous, right? No one would try to tell a brain surgeon how to do an operation. Yet it is very tempting as a client working with an online agency on a website to try and dictate the way in which the website should be built. In essence, telling the brain surgeon how to do the operation. But the challenge is that this fundamentally undermines our expertise and doesn’t give an organization the right chance to succeed in an online project.One of the key reasons in using an online agency like Agentic is to gain access to our expertise. From our point of view, this is a methodology we have developed over literally hundreds of projects. This is one of the main reasons we are successful. We know how to build websites.But we do listen – deeply – to our clients. In fact, our methodology is designed for a collaboration between us and our clients, so we do take in our clients requirements. That is the best practice for any methodology — to be flexible enough to adapt, while providing a structure to proceed. We think that clients come as Subject Matter Experts on their issue and their organization. Our expertise is in getting the right information, which happens through our methodology. This is important part for any online project.I share these thoughts, because it brings the best outcomes in an online project. If the client wants us to use their way of building a website, it’s as awkward as the brain surgeion example. Worse, it’s not often successful. It makes sense that our expertise is in the way we build websites. Let’s work together to be sure that this can happen for your project.


  • Author: Phillip Djwa

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