PSI Global Citizen Quiz

Washington, DC based non-profit Population Services International (PSI) approached Agentic with the objective to collect new email addresses from prospects that are likely to become PSI donors. This project was extremely innovative and strategically targeted, because of the unique qualities of PSI’s donor base. The group of donors that PSI aimed to influence with this campaign are considered ‘effective altruists’ — they believe that innovative technology and a global, interdependent world are the building blocks of international development. 

The result? A thought-provoking Global Citizen Quiz. The quiz asks a set of basic, yet polarizing questions, to ultimately tell players what type of global citizen they are most like: Thoughtful Leader, Social Entrepreneur, Passionate Adventurer or Loving Teacher. Email addresses are collected from players using an interrupt page at the end of the quiz. These addresses can then be used for PSI campaigns in the future and for holiday season donation efforts. 

Agentic built the Global Citizen Quiz in Angular JS. We used Unbounce to create targeted landing pages for quiz players depending on how the user was directed to the quiz. We took an iterative approach to this campaign. We were included in all the stages of the campaigning process, from running ads, A/B testing copy, and tracking conversions, to adapting the site accordingly to maximize conversions. In addition, we designed the Global Citizen Quiz to be able to accommodate future PSI quiz campaigns that have differing questions and final results.

We used Facebook ads in conjunction with Google Grants to track and report on the campaign’s progress throughout. As the quiz gains more responses and PSI collects donor information, Agentic continues to maintain and optimize the quiz pages. Do you want to make the world a better place? Take the quiz yourself to make your mark!


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