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PicMyEnergyMix is an interactive “petition” created in partnership with a number of conservation organizations in Colorado and Michigan. The campaign informs residents and their governors of the energy sources currently feeding into their electricity grids.Client:Resource Media, Clean Energy Now Coalition, and Engage MichiganProject info:

PicMyEnergyMix is an interactive project that was built in partnership with a number of conservation organizations, including Michigan Clean Water Action, West Michigan Environmental Action Council, Sierra Club Michigan, Engage Michigan, Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities, and Resource Media. 

The idea was to create an engaging, fun, and aesthetically pleasing platform that informs residents in Colorado and Michigan about the mix of energy sources currently feeding into their electricity grids. The site also works with Colorado and Minnesota Energy Commissions to ask users what their desired mix of energy sources would look like. The platform communicates with governments and state legislators to inform them of the users’ decisions when they pick and submit their choices of desired energy mixes. The site was built using Angular JS and is fully mobile responsive. 

The first chaperoned email blast that was sent out to promote the site had two times the action rate of emails normally sent out by that organization. In addition, an early user described PicMyEnergyMix as “the most fun petition [they] have ever signed.”

Pic My Energy MIX

PicMyEnergyMix is tailored individually to each of the energy mixes available in the states of Colorado and Michigan. This functionality allows for the site to be rolled out in more U.S. states in the future by different groups of conservation partners. Agentic’s goal with PicMyEnergyMix was to take the traditional petition concept and to turn it into a fun and interactive experience for both the user and partnering conservation organizations. 

Pic My Energy Mix

MEDIA: “App Shows Energy Sources to State Officials”

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