Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility

Working with ICCR, we were proud to work through their digital ecology and redesign their online presence, including helping to define their position: “Shareholders calling the world’s most powerful companies to address their impacts on the worlds’ most vulnerable communities.”

Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility is a coalition of faith and values-driven organizations who view the management of their investments as a powerful catalyst for social change. Their members comprise nearly 300 organizations including faith-based institutions, socially responsible asset management companies, unions, pension funds and colleges and universities that collectively represent over $100 billion in invested capital.

ICCR has a complex digital ecology that involves the main website, a members’ only website, several shareholder resolution databases, and a number of 3rd party sites that extend functionality (such as CVENT). ICCR has commissioned Agentic to develop a new public-facing website. Targeted at individual and institutional investors that work towards ethical investing, NGOs, Corporations and their own members, the site built online reflected the credibility the organization has as well as build engagement and trust. Even though ICCR is regularly covered by extremely influential press, such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, their website needed to profile and show the important work ICCR has been doing. We think we achieved that, but see for yourself!

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  • Client: Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility
  • Year: 2014

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