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Community Legal Education Ontario

The project:

Yourlegalrights.on.ca is a new online source of legal information for people across Ontario hosting free and practical resources from hundreds of organizations.



Community Legal Education (CLEO) funded the Your Legal Rights project as a portal for Ontario residents who face barriers to accessing legal services. The site presents legal information, tools, and next-step referrals for a wide range of legal services. Your Legal Rights began as a single-page resource on the CLEO site, known as the Legal Rights Guide. Due to the extremely diverse audience that the site benefits, we suggested that the new site rebrand Your Legal Rights as a separate site that was mobile-friendly and interactive.The core components of this site are its ability to seach for services, it provides clear pathways by topic, and presents educational training and tools. Agentic created appealing and informative icons to aid navigation, with the intention to offer accessible content to a diverse audience, including immigrants and users with low literacy levels. The site includes a services map with key legal and social services, in addition to public legal education webinars. 

Core components of the site:

  • Legal Resources: multiple formats of legal resources from hundreds of community organizations.
  • Common Questions: Q&A for everyday legal questions.
  • Find Services: a searchable referral information source
  • Training: Legal education webinars for the public and community workers.
  • News & Events: Latest headlines and events about law and accessible justice


Create a new website resource taking the information from the CLEO Legal Rights Guide and rebranding to make it more visually appealing and user friendly.    

Project Goals:

  • Provide clear pathways by topic and sub topic
  • Present introductory information specifically created for online
  • Link “get help” section with referral services
  • Present educational trailing and tools, expanding on the CLEOnet webinar series. 


  • Rebrand Your Legal Rights as a separate website.
  • Create appealing and informative icons to aid navigations.
  • Make mobile friendly


The result is a site that feels inviting, helpful and inclusive, while providing straight-forward access to essential legal tools and services.


"Working with Agentic Communications has been an absolute pleasure. They bring to their work first-hand knowledge of the unique values and workflow of the not for profit sector, coupled with a creative approach to the technology and great design and programming skills.

Finally, I would add that their communication skills and responsive approach to customer service has made it easy to work with them across great distances. I have found that the value of our relationship far outweighs the very reasonable price tag they set for their work and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for any job large or small."

Fiona MacCool
CLEONet Project Manager
Community Legal Education Ontario

Your Legal Rights in action