BC Self Advocacy Foundation

BCSAF.org is a home for resources assisting people with developmental disabilities to overcome barriers and be strong self advocates.
Labels often create barriers, as is the case for people who have been labeled “developmentally disabled” or “mentally handicapped.” The BC Self-Advocacy Foundation (BCSAF) is working to change this, as well as other barriers such as separation from family and friends and poor access to jobs and education.

BCSAF’s new website is a virtual home for these resources. Self-advocates will also blog insights they’ve learned throughout their lives. BCSAF also launched their new campaign, No More Barriers, with more to come. Agentic designed and built the accessible site with SitePal’s talking avatar and Facebook integration to facilitate seamless conversations. We’re excited to take part in launching this progressive and vital campaign.

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  • Client: BC Self Advocacy Foundation
  • Year: 2011
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