Spring Updates

Spring is finally here in the air, with the cherry trees in full bloom. It’s a good time to take stock as we head finally into some warmer weather.We’ve had a number of great projects lately, with many of them taking some very interesting new dimensions to our work.We’ve launched a bunch of new web projects. The Canadian Centre for Community Renewal launched their site. We have been working with sex ed site Scarleteen.com, which has enormous traffic and impact on young teens. We also launched Beyond War, as well as Discovery Organics new site.In January, we finally signed the paperwork to work with Medieval Media Inc. to wotk on a new full-series documentary called, “Battle Castle”, which talks about castles that have changed history. It’s a huge project and we’re delighted to be on board. You can check out the first piece of it on Battlecastle.tv.Lastly, our launch of “We Used to Sing” as our own more artistic story on climate change has been well received, having been viewed 1000s of times.


  • Author: Phillip Djwa

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