Spring is coming

Spring is coming. Feels that way with the flowers in Vancouver just starting to appear. What a busy winter it’s been. We moved in December to a new space in the historic Dominion Building in downtown Vancouver. It’s been great to have a switch after seven years in Railtown. I think the first two weeks none of us brought our lunch as we happily tried all the new restaurants. Wonderful!ÊPlus the lovely space has the same light as before. The building is historic and one that was the tallest building in the Dominion in 1909. Hard to believe now. But it’s a great change, and lastly, the building is full of like-minded people and the connections are really great. We’re quite happy!On the work front, there have been several really great things happening Agentic-wise. First, we were nominated for our CBC project 8th Fire (along with a bunch of really talented people) for a Canada Screen Award (formerly the Gemini’s and Genie’s). Then we found out we were a recipient of the Interactive Fund and Digital Media Grant from BC Film and Media. It will see us developing a new app with some fantastic designers locally.Lastly, we’ve launched a bunch of new projects. For Los Angeles’ First 5 childhood education advocacy group we launched ECEworks.orgÊwith Englin Consulting. We also launched Yale’s Institution for Social and Policy StudiesÊwhich was a great experience, as we designed their logo as well.ÊNow we have a bunch of new projects in the pipe, and are looking forward to them launching soon.Ê


  • Author: Phillip Djwa

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