Scene Change is a digital media project exploring identities of race, age, gender and dis/ability in an online theatre experience.

1. Motivation:

  • To showcase Canadian plays and playwrights and to create interactive video experience that allows users to play with the content by changing the actors in a scene.
  • We developed the idea in conjunction with Vancouver’s Touchstone Theatre, which obtained a grant from Creative BC to produce the project.

2. Implementation

  • The project was developed and produced in the course of one year
  • Production included researching and obtaining permission from various playwrights, developing the idea, casting and filming of several scenes with different actors as well as building the website.

3. Innovation & Ideas

  • As far as technology goes, we had to figure out how to make the videos interactive, which we did with Klynt, an editing & publishing application dedicated to interactive storytellers.
  • We chose WordPress as the source tool because it is free and easy to use for administrators.
  • The most challenging aspect for us was finding the best way to make the site appealing, engaging, and easy to use.

4. Results

  • Scene Change is part of Touchstone Theater’s 2014 line up.
  • While the project is ongoing, we’re planning to enlarge the content and include more scenes.

Link to website

  • Client: Touchstone Theatre
  • Year: 2014

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