On the Farm

We worked with Rupert Harvey, the producer of “On the Farm” to help develop a digital strategy for the film and launched a placeholder site for the film.

The film follows the women who fought against the indifference of police that allowed one of Canada’s most prolific serial killers, Robert Pickton, to murder upwards of 50 women during the span of six years. It was based on journalist Stevie Cameron’s 2010 bestselling account of real-life events, and released in Canada as Unclaimed.

The film forgoes sensationalism and relegates Pickton himself to a bit-part. Main character Nikki Taylor (Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers), a sex worker who notices the disappearance of an alarming number of women, teams up with a female police officer and social worker, to investigate. They face a slow-moving police department until the media takes notice and it becomes a national story. However, scant justice is served for those women lost.

On the Farm website

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