Nations at War

Agentic worked with TV production company, Chasing Pictures, to create rich interactive digital companion materials for the TV series NATIONS AT WAR. This sleek, history show launches on APTN September 6, 2017.

North America is a battleground. Fought over by two different worlds. For centuries nations, empires and alliances struggled to decide its destiny and who would call it home. Driven by ambition, ideals and desperation. These are the battles which made a continent.
These are Nations At War…

Agentic Digital Media began working with Chasing Pictures while the TV show was being created.  Our goal was to create a rich, online experience to engage viewers of the show with historical data, important leaders, weapons, landmarks and battlegrounds presented on TV.  The style of the show is very high-tech, and we designed a digital experience to match.  

A key idea for this project is interactivity.  So we created a clickable map of Canada, with pop-up information presented in the series.  We also wanted users to be able to engage with the information in a very visual way, so we created an Arsenal wall, with 3D models of battle technology that shifted the history and landscape of Canada.   

To engage users in the social space, we created a vote and quiz tied into the show, which can be shared easily, as well as videos and episode information to provide important details about the show.  To fullfil the language requirements needed for APTN broadcasting, the full site is available in English and Halquminum.  

This project is a custom build WordPress site, and we are proud to launch with the show on September 6, 2017.

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