Knowledge Network

The First Nations in BC Knowledge Network is the second iteration of an in-depth resource that the First Nations technology council designed to enable nations across the province to share resources and ideas.

The First Nations in BC Knowledge Network was designed as a hub for First Nations across the province to share and gather tools, planning materials, useful resources and insights. The goal is to foster connections and community governance strategies within nations across British Columbia, and Agentic assisted in this mission by designing an online platform where sharing information is both simple and clear.

The Technology Council’s vision is for the First Nations in BC Knowledge Network to be an accessible and engaging platform that fosters the sharing of knowledge and facilitates networking amongst First Nations individuals, communities and organizations. By taking advantage of whitespace and incorporating a cool palette of blue tones, we were able to achieve a network where users feel confident in their ability to navigate the site’s various resources, and where contributors can easily upload documents without feeling overwhelmed by the interface. 

The Topic Spotlights curate resources on topics of interest and importance to First Nations. The various Topic Spotlight areas have a fresh and modern design using Masonry, they provide a focused way of exploring these critical topics. The site redesign for the First Nations Technology Council’s Network is mobile responsive. Agentic took an existing site that had been built prior to mobile responsive capability and updated the design to have a fresh new look and a responsive set up. 

Knowledge Network

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