Aboriginal Legal Aid

This was a great example of how user research and the development process can work together to make a successful project. LSS commissioned Phillip to go around the province and interview Indigenous folks about their experience with Legal Aid and what the opportunities were to better serve their needs with a revamped website.

There was a lot of discovery with close to 70 participants, and the opportunities to work with community to learn more deeply what is possible was a great chance to put user-focused learning into play. The goals of the project overall were to:

  1. Gather insights on end-user behaviour and
    fit to purpose of Aboriginal Legal Aid in BC website (ALABC).
  2. Focus only on feedback from Indigenous participants and their response to the website (via 1:1).
  3. Gather qualitative insights on end-user behaviour towards technology, social media and finding information online (via focus groups)
  4. Provide recommendations on moving forward with a new ALABC website.

With these learnings in hand, Agentic worked with Affinity Bridge on the design and implementation of the new website and Stories First for the videos. One aspect of the project that added some extra consideration was the fact that because the site needs to be legally accurate, we had to work carefully to ensure that what we were saying, especially in the videos, was accurate and fairly represented the law.

We were very excited to see the response from the community with our soft launch.

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