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As you may know, I have been in business for years in the high-tech industry, and it only seems like a click of the mouse since I downloaded in 1993 the first web browser – Mosaic 0.93beta. Who knew it would unleash such an amazing decade of change. Since then, I have seen many, many versions of software – some that should have stayed beta – and worked on many exciting projects. One thing you can be sure of in this industry is that you must adapt to change. And changing we are!Today we announce the opening of Agentic Communications – the new name for the web development business of Djwa Strategies and Communications. Being “agentic” is to reflect the capacity for human beings to make choices in the world. I really love this notion as it fits my thinking that I want to enable people to make the right choices online.The focus of Agentic will be on web development and applications. Djwa Strategies will continue, but will work exclusively on community engagement and workshop development projects as we have done previously. All web work will be handled by Agentic.Agentic is a full-service web application development company that can plan, build and maintain web sites for medium sized progressive organizations and companies. We continue our focus on the progressive movement and companies involved in social change.You will still be able to contact me via my Djwa Strategies email, and you can reach me at the same phone numbers, but the balance will shift over the next few months so that Agentic will become our main web development face to the world.The other aspect is that I am pleased to welcome Darko Hrgovic as my partner in this new venture. As you know, Darko and I have been working together since 1999 and, with the launch of Agentic, we are strengthening our relationship. Darko has been a key person for me to work with and I am happy that we are now working as partners.Ê


  • Author: Phillip Djwa

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