Melting Silos Development Project for Trans-media Content Projects

Agentic Communications, the National Film Board, and the SFU Praxis Centre for Screenwriters are launching the “Melting Silos” concept development program with the participation of Telefilm’s Canada New Media Fund – Sectoral Assistance. The goal of the Melting Silos Program is to connect local filmmakers and new media talent in a way that educates both parties and facilitates the development of project materials to be ready for production. We’re now seeking a small group of accomplished filmmakers and New Media production companies who would like to produce narrative web-based work. The end product of the Melting Silos program will be a developed online concept with a pitch package complete with a functional demo or prototype ready for Production Assistance. We are currently extending an invitation to interested parties and the audience specific invitation letters with greater detail are attached below. Ê PLEASEÊRESPONDÊBYÊOCTOBERÊ19th 2009


  • Author: Phillip Djwa

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