Is your company making the most of the world’s online social networks?

From a Globe and Mail special on Web 2.0 Phillip Djwa, CEO of Agentic Communications in Vancouver, says, “There are now 2.7 million Canadians on Facebook. Companies should be aware that their employees are forming Facebook networks now. In Ontario, a grocery store company recently fired an employee for comments made online – it’s a reminder that employers need to be engaged in the interplay if they aren’t already.”While individuals may want to think about the information available to current and potential employers, there are even greater challenges and opportunities facing organizations. “TELUS has a Facebook network for employees and one for people who just like TELUS. There are some very different approaches to managing your brand developing.”With almost one in 10 Canadians on Facebook, says Mr. Djwa, it is cheaper and faster to connect with Facebook than to buy a billboard in downtown Toronto. “People are choosing their service providers because of recommendations from their friends more than ever before, and that is only going to increase.”Feeling left behind? Strategy experts recommend these steps to get on track.Phillip Djwa:Join Facebook, import your contacts, find out who you know who is already on, and begin the process of understanding the capabilities Facebook provides.Search for your company name to find out what’s being said and what groups are being formed around your brand.Try forming your own group. If you have company e-mail, you can create a private company group.Ê


  • Author: Phillip Djwa

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