In lieu of cards

Lately, I’ve been working with Kirsten Kozuback from Redway BC News and she is great. But today we had a great synergistic idea to support the Helping Spirit Lodge Society. It’s a women’s shelter for women escaping domestic violence. But they also come to the shelter with their kids. And as the holiday season approached, it was painfully obvious that there were many kids without their stockings, decorations and trees because they’re staying in Safe Houses. One Mother shared her reality as Christmas approached, saying, “when you gotta run for your life – grabbing a diaper bag on the way out and have only clothes on your back – the last thing you think of is, hmmm, won’t the kids like their stockings this Christmas?” So we’re teaming up to provide a swack of treats to make up each child’s own little goodie bags. A lot better than corporate Xmas cards and I hope you think so too!


  • Author: Phillip Djwa

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