Happy 2007

2007 is already upon us and I’m feeling lucky and happy to start the year. We had a great Holiday season and even though it was too short, we’re back at it! We’ve been working on more than a few things! We’re close to finalizing a project with APTN that will really be exciting for Aboriginal youth. We’re continuing in that vein to also support the Tekkru.com website for Aboriginal youth technicians as well. We’re also continuing to work with CBC, and finished up the Indy producers site for them on CBC.ca and hopefully will be working on a really great project on music censorship soon as well.Our work with the BC Electoral Boundaries Commission is also ongoing, and we’re embarking on a really amazing Google mashup that will be a great combination of ease of use and slick graphics. Vancouver Jazz History is another project with Coastal Jazz and Blues that is underway. We’re designing an interactive timeline and website to profile and list all of Vancouver’s rich and diverse jazz history. Lastly, we’ve been working with a wide range of other clients, such as Fulford Harbour Group, Financial Serenity, and more. They are all great clients and continue my belief that by putting out good energy into the world, it returns ten fold. Here’s to a happy 2007!


  • Author: Phillip Djwa

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