FCKeditor and Firefox 15 – content creation issue

One of our clients reported an issue creating content in Firefox last week and we’ve determined its a conflict within the newest release of Firefox, version 15, and the FCKeditor. The two signs of this issue are:- You do not see the “Switch to plain text editor” link when creating content- When you click the “Save” button, the content is not savedWe have only seen this issue when creating new content. It does not occur when editing existing content.Since the issue only occurs in Firefox 15, you can avoid it by creating content in one of the other popular browsers such as Safari and Chrome.For a longer term solution, given that FCKeditor module support is being phased out by the contributor team, the ultimate solution is switching to the successor, the CKEditor. Please contact us to see how Agentic can help you with this process.


  • Author: Dale McGladdery

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