Create a select box from a nodequeue

We had the need to make a select box from a nodequeue in Drupal 6. Don’t ask me why, as selects aren’t the best UI, but that’s a different discussion. There’s probably a way easier way to do this, and niftier with jQuery, etc., but project budgets are what they are.In our helper module, created this function (change ‘mymodule’ to whatever you have named your module):Êdrupal_add_js(drupal_get_path(‘module’, ‘agentic’).’/agentic.js’);/**Ê* Generates an html select box based on a nodequeue, auto-links to the node path alias onchangeÊ*Ê* @param $nodequeue_name – the name of the nodequeueÊ* @param $default – the optional default option for the select boxÊ*Ê*Ê@return html select box based on nid’s in nodequeueÊ*Ê*/function agentic_nodequeue_select_box($nodequeue_name,$default=null) {Ê $view = views_get_view($nodequeue_name);Ê $view->execute();Ê $return = ‘

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