Our work / Wild Salmon


Fraser Riverkeeper

The project:

Fraser Riverkeeper asked us to build a site that educates salmon consumers on the differences between farmed and wild salmon, and why wild salmon is a healthier and sustainable choice. The site features several mouth-watering, but easy-to-make recipes as a way to promote wild salmon.



The Pacific coast of North America produces some of the best salmon in the world, however, there are concerns by waterkeeper groups that the current process of salmon farming poses risks to both the environment and the community who consume them. We were happy to once again work with Fraser Riverkeeper to create a site that celebrates the conservation and sustainable consumption of wild salmon, with the main target audience being in the U.S., since most farmed salmon is bought in California.


Fraser Riverkeeper is non-profit licensed member of the International Waterkeeper Alliance, one of the world’s fastest growing grassroots environmental movements. The Fraser Riverkeeper is dedicated to protecting and restoring the Fraser River and its watershed, while ensuring BC’s waters are safe to swim, drink and fish.


The challenge was to market a site, using SEO that would showcase delicious salmon recipes in a competitive online recipe environment. Highlighting the fact that these are specifically wild salmon recipes was important, in establishing how the site would be found and used, and how it was going to give users a unique experience.


We built a clean, sleek site that educates consumers on the differences between farmed and wild salmon, and we brought regionally well-known chefs onboard to showcase some of their tastiest recipes.

Recipes are accessible and easy to follow on this mobile responsive site. Since recipes are sortable and include an interactive ingredient list, users can take their phones with them while they shop for groceries. Consumers can also post their own recipes and photos, and give insight into other recipes with their comments and suggestions.

The result is an elegantly designed site that is interactive and informative.