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First Nations Technology Council

The project:

We helped redesign and refocus this popular website. It was designed to provide First Nations communities with relevant and timely news, jobs, resources and best practices.


This project was a redesign of an existing website. While the site was extremely popular, the old information architecture did not allow people to find what they were most interested in. Furthermore, there was so many features put into the website that it did not operate very well. It was continuously crashing. Many of the features people never used. So we started with looking at what exactly was necessary to keep and what we need to throw out. We eventually settled on directories, resources, and what we called inspired practices. We also recognized that news, jobs, and events were also items that people coming back to the site on a regular basis. With FNTC staff we completely thought through what they wanted to do and developed a new approach. We realized that overall, the goal was to build a self-sustaining shared knowledge base for First Nations to find solutions for advancement of growth. 

We set out to create a site with the following goals.

  • First Nations easily find tools and resources.
  • Allow practitioners to share knowledge and strategies to facilitate the open exchange of useful information, which is done primarily through this web site.
  • Provide a space for sharing community stories and solutions & successes
  • Engage site visitors.
  • Build capacity amongst First Nations.

​We saw the audience of the portal to be both native and non-native.  However, the real focus was on First Nations practitioners. The people that work in communities, in First Nations organizations, and other Aboriginal groups. We really designed the portal to be focused on helping this group with connecting with each other and having an effective place to find out more information that helps them in their daily work lives.