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Canadian Center for Community Renewal

The project:

Communityrenewal.ca is the online presence of the Canadian Center for Community Renewal, an organisation focused on creating solutions to challenges faced by communities resulting from climate change and peak oil.


Peak oil and climate change are disrupting the assumptions that have bound communities together and helped them function socially and economically for generations.

Agentic has recently launched communityrenewal.ca, a website that affirms the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal as one of the country’s most responsive, versatile and affordable authorities in building community resilience in response to the critical challenges posed by peak oil and climate change.

The website highlights solutions CCCR is crafting to help communities equitably meet their needs for food, energy, finance and shelter. A multitude of resources on building community innovations are available for users to access, share and subscribe to on the site. It also provides information about current events on community resilience throughout Canada.

Canadian Center for Community Renewal in action