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At Agentic, we believe in being the agents of change, whether that be social, technological or personal. We blog about what we do! See what we’ve been creating, improving and participating in.

  • The Natural Step - International launch

    We're pleased to announce the launch of the Natural Step website. Agentic helped to theme and build their newest website in over 11 countries, with many languages, from Japanese to Swedish. See this... Read more

  • Digital Drum Pro

    Digital Drum Pro is the newest add to the Agentic family of websites. Designed and developed by our team, it's a way that Aboriginal filmmakers in Canada can profile and develop their work in a way... Read more

  • Innovative Mapping Widget

    As a new part of the Vision Vancouver website, we've launched a really cool new web widget developed by Biro Creative. It was Communicopia's idea to have this neat way of putting people on the map of... Read more

  • Vision Vancouver website launches

    We've been building the new Vision Vancouver website and it launched today! It's been a great project anchored by the great strategy and design team at Communicopia and the internal team at Vision... Read more

  • CLEONet Conference - Workshop

    Phillip will be giving two workshops in Toronto for Cleonet's "Learn, Grow and Connect" conference Oct 6-7. Web 101: Going online for small organizations Need ideas on using the Internet to enhance... Read more

  • First Nation Website Launches

    We've had the pleasure recently of launching two new projects - First Nations Employment Society and the Native Education College. Check them out here - and

  • Dropping Knowledge International launches

    Our newest site has just launched. It's called Dropping Knowledge International and the site is a teaser site of a larger campaign designed to ask questions around the larger questions in our lives.... Read more

  • NetTuesday Talk

    Talk from NetTuesday. Live Blog from Miss604 Video Feed from Roland Tanglao Drupal And Darfur View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: drupal darfur)

  • Freaky Weather

    Our newest launch is a new way to talk about climate change. Our client, Might Minds Ventures, wanted to think about a different way to speak to people about the impacts of global warming. Rather... Read more

  • Launch of

    Andrea Reimer has announced her candidacy for Vision Vancouver for City Council and we were happy to get involved in developing her website. We think Andrea is a great candidate for council and we're... Read more


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