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At Agentic, we believe in being the agents of change, whether that be social, technological or personal. We blog about what we do! See what we’ve been creating, improving and participating in.

  • Using Customer Personas to Develop a Competitive Edge

    Looking to understand how human beings impact website design? It's something we do every day. Make sure to leave us a comment if you like this article. Here's a quote from Dorie Clark's article on "... Read more

  • Drupal Business Summit

     The Drupal Business Summit is the perfect opportunity for Vancouver-area firms and organizations to discover what Drupal can provide for you. It's a chance to hear and talk to many people that... Read more

  • Web Trends for Social Change Organizations in 2012

    On Thursday, November 24, I had the pleasure of hosting a group of social change innovators for a breakfast presentation on top Web Trends for Social Change Organizations in 2012.... Read more

  • BC Self Advocacy Foundation Case Study

    A recent project that we’ve had a chance to work on was a project for the BC Self Advocacy Foundation. This organization assists people with developmental disabilities to become full participating... Read more

  • Summertime update

     Vancouver has been a cold and wet place this summer, apparently with the most rain in 20 years! Still, we've been working away and are happy to welcome a number of new projects, including a web... Read more

  • Melting Silos 2010

    We've launched the new 2010 Melting Silos program, which is a development project for five innovative narrative projects. Melting Silos is supported by Telefilm Canada and by partners NFB and Praxis... Read more

  • Roosevelt Institute

    Exciting work ahead this summer anchored by the Roosevelt Institute's new website and campus network. Based in New York City, the Roosevelt Institute continues to focus the legacy of Franklin Delano... Read more

  • Phillip on the impact of the web on Aboriginal communities

    Phillip was interviewed at a conference and managed to actually create a fairly coherent thought. Check out his thinking about how the web impacts Aboriginal communities.

  • BC Nurses Solutions Microsite

    We were able to help the BC Nurses Union in quickly putting together a fast and simple website to promote their new ad campaign. See it here at

  • A Very Merry New Year!

    It's a new year and it promises to be a busy one! We're quite pleased at the number of recent projects that will keep us busy for a while! We're happy to be currently working on new websites for... Read more


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