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At Agentic, we believe in being the agents of change, whether that be social, technological or personal. We blog about what we do! See what we’ve been creating, improving and participating in.

  • Indigenous Adult Learner Video

    Working with the talented Aboriginal filmmaker Lisa Jackson, Agentic produced this video for the Indigenous Adult and Higher Learning Association. It was produced in six weeks, and they were very... Read more

  • Malaspina Printmakers

    We've been working on Malaspina Printmakers and it is live now so check it out. Very nice design from them and we were happy to put it together.

  • Final BC-EBC Report goes live

    Yesterday, the final report for the BC Electoral Boundaries Commission website went live. It is the result of over two years of work for the Commission and the quality of their work shows. We... Read more

  • Ecotrust Canada

    Ecotrust Canada is a new website redo project that we have been very pleased to work on. We're working with our design partners over at BIRO Creative and it's been a lot of fun. Partly that's because... Read more

  • Genocide Intervention Network

    Just got the go-ahead for an exciting new project that will see us working with the Genocide Intervention Network out of Washington, DC. We'll be working with STAND, the student anti-genocide... Read more

  • Launches!

    Digital Drum is a place for Aboriginal Cultural expression — for example: storytelling, media literacy, community traditions, activism and music. It's a website that we've been working on and... Read more

  • Some exciting summer work!

    BC Healthy Living Alliance - we're going to be redoing a website for them, so we're quite excited to be working on such a worthwhile project. They are working towards a healthier BC and have set some... Read more

  • People Together Foundation

    We're working on some really interesting projects lately and one I wanted to mention is the People Together Foundation. It's a project of a local foundation to address reconciliation activities for... Read more

  • CBC Aboriginal Site Officially Launches

    On June 21, National Aboriginal Day, the new CBC Aboriginal site officially launched and we assisted with a promotions campaign using our developed lists of National Aboriginal organizations across... Read more

  • Tyee Comments

    One project we are quite pleased to have completed is the work around the new Tyee comments section. Essentially, we built a new way that people can comment that is designed to promote more civility... Read more


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