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At Agentic, we believe in being the agents of change, whether that be social, technological or personal. We blog about what we do! See what we’ve been creating, improving and participating in.

  • Does your website work for you? Not the only question you need to ask.

    Does your website work for you? That’s a great question, but that's not the only question to ask. Our clients often come to us with a web redesign project, but they don't just come with one website;... Read more

  • White paper: Failure and the Client-Focused Approach

    Nobody wants to fail. Failure is something we naturally try to avoid. But what happens when it occurs? As agencies, we don’t often talk about it publicly, but of course we have failures. And within... Read more

  • Roosevelt Institute

    Exciting work ahead this summer anchored by the Roosevelt Institute's new website and campus network. Based in New York City, the Roosevelt Institute continues to focus the legacy of Franklin Delano... Read more

  • BC Nurses Solutions Microsite

    We were able to help the BC Nurses Union in quickly putting together a fast and simple website to promote their new ad campaign. See it here at

  • A Very Merry New Year!

    It's a new year and it promises to be a busy one! We're quite pleased at the number of recent projects that will keep us busy for a while! We're happy to be currently working on new websites for... Read more

  • The Natural Step - International launch

    We're pleased to announce the launch of the Natural Step website. Agentic helped to theme and build their newest website in over 11 countries, with many languages, from Japanese to Swedish. See this... Read more

  • Digital Drum Pro

    Digital Drum Pro is the newest add to the Agentic family of websites. Designed and developed by our team, it's a way that Aboriginal filmmakers in Canada can profile and develop their work in a way... Read more

  • Innovative Mapping Widget

    As a new part of the Vision Vancouver website, we've launched a really cool new web widget developed by Biro Creative. It was Communicopia's idea to have this neat way of putting people on the map of... Read more

  • Vision Vancouver website launches

    We've been building the new Vision Vancouver website and it launched today! It's been a great project anchored by the great strategy and design team at Communicopia and the internal team at Vision... Read more

  • First Nation Website Launches

    We've had the pleasure recently of launching two new projects - First Nations Employment Society and the Native Education College. Check them out here - and


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