User Testing, Usability and Creative Campaigns

We gather insights from your audience, win their attention, and inspire them to keep listening. 

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Agentic works with people who are in the business of changing the world, and have fun doing it. We not only build engaging creative digital campaigns, but we can help test them, so that they capture audiences and increase supporters. We work with impactful social change organizations, like the David Suzuki Foundation, Mountain Equipment Co-op, and Population Services International (PSI), to name a few. 

We engage your supporters and make them part of the movement.

Can you remember the last time you visited a site that was hard to use? Don't worry, we can too. User Experience Design is more important than ever today, with so many sites competing for attention. That means we're dedicated to building online campaigns that make sense to all kinds of people. Through user testing, usability studies and more, we design projects with each and every one of you in mind.

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Creative campaigns

In an increasingly busy world of social media and endless websites, nonprofits need to be able to cut through the noise. We can help your social change organization create successful, highly shareable digital media campaigns that speak to a new kind of interactivity. It's engagement in the digital age. Get in touch.

Check out PicMyEnergyMix.

User testing

We show you how your website can be improved through user testing. It's a fundamental way to discover issues that you don't know about that block your audience from doing what they need. We can analyze Google Analytics and report back to you what you need to change. 

We improved outcomes through testing on PSI's Global Citizen Quiz.

Microsites & email

Campaign microsites can be a powerful tool.  We not only build them, but can drive traffic with email templates and direct mail campaigns. We build to meet your goals, whether reaching new audiences, informing existing ones, or just making a point. Our methodology gets your site up and out, with a focused effort for your budget. 

We made email a blast with IFLC's 30-Day Challenge.

We're an award-winning digital agency that takes pride in our collaborations with social entrepreneurs, grassroots associations, and devoted change makers. For our creative campaigns, here are some of the organizations we have had to the privilege of working with:


Our Agentic Clients


With each round of user testing, we learn more about your industry and about your audience.  Our past partners are our teachers. Here's what they think about us:


“PicMyEnergyMixprovided the Clean Energy Now coalition and environmental groups across Michigan with a fun, innovative new way to engage Michiganders on energy issues affecting them. The response from organizations interested in using the tool grew as the launch began and groups started to see what impact the site was having. What started out with a couple of organizations agreeing to send email blasts and post on social media turned into more than six major organizations jumping on board with the launch.” − Marissa Luna, Clean Energy Now

“Agentic helped the FNTC build its new First Nations in BC Knowledge Network. It was successfully implemented and we now have increased the number of users and visitors we have to the sites as well as an exciting and realistic plan for the future." - Denise Williams, First Nations Technology Council

"We came to Agentic with high expectations based on their previous work and their excellent process and they delivered. Agentic worked with us closely and attentively in a collaborative fashion: responding to our needs and wishes and gently guiding us toward new solutions when those were needed." - Limor Peer, Yale University

"Under the direction of Phillip, we built an optimized site with enhanced visual appeal and usability and, more importantly, the potential for increased interaction with our growing adoption community of families, professionals, and advocates." - Mary Caros, Adoptive Families Association of BC

Get in touch with us at 604-255-2131 or