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  • Our support for Open Source - Thunderbird

    Supporting open source is something we continue to try to do and even though often times we feel like we have a long way to go to give back, one recent piece we're pleased to help with is the new... Read more

  • Melting Silos Development Project for Trans-media Content Projects

    Agentic Communications, the National Film Board, and the SFU Praxis Centre for Screenwriters are launching the "Melting Silos" concept development program with the participation of Telefilm's Canada... Read more

  • Mozilla Service week event at Agentic Communications

    Mozilla Service Week comes to Agentic. Roland Tanglao of Mozilla Messaging and Dale McGladdery brought Mozilla Service Week to Agentic last Thursday. Thanks to Phillip Djwa of Agentic for taking... Read more

  • Date format on our blog

    Just had a question about the date format on our blogs, so thought I'd share with everyone. Not sure if our developer (no longer with us) borrowed the technique from another source, but if she did... Read more

  • Web of Change 2009

    This year, I'm really looking forward to Web of Change and not only because we're a sponsor. It's a chance to connect with peers and learn more about what's what in the world of non-profit and... Read more

  • A fully manageable image slideshow for your home page with Drupal

    As my first blog post here, I'd like to start by thanking the Agentic team for their great support of the community, and for letting me to take some time on the side to contribute or work on open... Read more

  • Agentic Sponsorships this Year

    Wow, looking back this year, I see we have sponsored quite a few projects and organizations. By far our biggest sponsorship was the TD Canada Trust Vancouver Jazz Festival this year, but we also... Read more

  • Agentic Defined

    Came across this new definition of Agentic which I think is so fantastic: A "perspective that views people as self-organizing, proactive, self-reflecting and self-regulating, not just as reactive... Read more

  • Drupal namespace collisions

    Why does my newly created clientname_block() hook kill all the blocks on my site? Because we also have a theme named clientname, which causes a namespace collision. Changing the module name to... Read more

  • League of Kickass Business People

    A new community for innovative business professionals is launching inVancouver on Thursday, May 28th @6-9pm. The League of Kickass Business People is a collection of opinion leaders,tastemakers and... Read more


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