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  • Digital Green Gift Guide

    Let’s face it: gift-giving can be daunting. You want to give your friends something they want, something they’ll use, but also something that you can feel comfortable giving. You don’t want to give... Read more

  • Katherine Dodds on Mobilizing Audiences

    The name Katherine Dodds has been synonymous with documentary filmmaking since before “impact producing” was a word. Kat seems to have written the textbook on how to successfully change minds using... Read more

  • Impact Producing

    Agentic sponsored the VIFF Impact Award with Story Money Impact. This year's winner was "Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story" from filmmakers Grant Baldwin and Jenny Rustemeyer.  If it’s not apparent,... Read more

  • Transmedia Reflections

    As the transmedia experience is overtaking the entertainment, advertising and non-for-profit world, educators are re-thinking how to guide students in the skills of storytelling. Recently, I've been... Read more

  • Making Digital Sexy Part 2

    (This is a continuation of my previous blog post if you want to read the first part, Making Digital Sexy Part 1) Well, OK, you say, but how else can you get buy-in? One way to think about it is to... Read more

  • Using Customer Personas to Develop a Competitive Edge

    Looking to understand how human beings impact website design? It's something we do every day. Make sure to leave us a comment if you like this article. Here's a quote from Dorie Clark's article on "... Read more

  • 2014 Visual Trends

    Here's a great image that makes sense of the Top Visual Design Trends for 2014, courtesy of iStock. I think it's bang on. I'm even interested to note the multiracial faces emerging more as well as... Read more

  • Web Design Trends for 2013

    As we look back on 2013, here are some of the trends we've noticed. Many of the organizations we serve struggle to achieve a higher ranking on the search engines. Even searches for your organization... Read more

  • National Blog Action Day Oct 16th, 2013

    Today is one of the days that I appreciate how lucky I am to be free. Free with much more than the basic necessities. I guess with Thanksgiving this past weekend in Canada, it gave me a chance to... Read more

  • Making Digital Sexy Part 1

    Ok, imagine you are a digital strategist in a not-for-profit organization, and you've been working hard on a proposal to bring to your senior leadership team. It's finally time to really use digital... Read more


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