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  • My Website has been Hacked! What Now?

    You've just discovered your website has something on it you didn't put there. Perhaps your front page now declares the "l33t" skills of a script-kiddy, or Google or your hosting provider has flagged... Read more

  • What makes a great client? Part II

    In my previous post, I talked about what makes a great client, and I thought I would return to the subject as it is always an exchange of information that happens when we work with clients. You can... Read more

  • What makes a great client?

    Recently,  I was thinking about how does an organization be a "great" client in order to move a web project forward? It came up because I had to laugh at a recent post of comments that graphic... Read more

  • Organizing and creating content for Drupal with GatherContent

    When you’re working on a web project, one of the most important pieces to the puzzle is the content that’s going to be published. After all, we build websites and applications to get other people to... Read more

  • Spring is coming

    Spring is coming. Feels that way with the flowers in Vancouver just starting to appear. What a busy winter it's been. We moved in December to a new space in the historic Dominion Building in downtown... Read more

  • We're Hiring! Technology Lead

      An exciting new opportunity for Agentic is now  up! I'mlooking for a Technology Lead to work with us here in Vancouver. The Technology Lead position is a key position that develops clientand... Read more

  • Why our methodology is like brain surgery

    Imagine that you have the need for a brain surgeon. Horrible I know, but imagine you do for the moment.  Then imagine that before your surgery, you said, “Listen, I know my brain pretty well, and I’... Read more

  • 10 Search Engine Optimization Tips for Non-Profits

    Despite the explosion in social media and other online distractions and communication tools, search remains one of the most common online activities, cutting across all demographics. Young, old, rich... Read more

  • Digital Media Examples

    Here is our 2012 reel that shows some of our digital media examples.Agentic Show Reel 2012 from Agentic Digital Media on Vimeo.

  • How to determine your web budget

    Sometimes we will receive website requests for proposals from organizations that do not post their budget. This is a problem for us because it makes it very difficult to respond appropriately to the... Read more


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