Blog / Remix or Rewrite: Star Wars Fans in the Digital Era


Last week, I had a chance to be on a panel with some fantastic folks, facilitated by Sue Biely. It was a lively discussion about what is happening ‘out there’ on the web as new technologies catapult media makers into a whole new world of thinking about their creative product. The panel discussed their own experiences, case studies and look at how different franchises have tapped in to new digital cultures and tools to benefit their conventional media brands.

Kris Krug, President of Raincity Studios
Jeff McPherson, Creator Tiki Bar TV
Steve Bocska, President of Pug Pharm Productions
Henry Jenkins, Director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program

I talked about Star Wars and how it is impacted by Fan Culture. Star Wars is literally an encyclopedia of all of the examples of fan culture. I bookmarked a bunch of resources here: and also here is a link to my PPT.

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