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  • Attention deficit on the web: Appeasing the hunters and gatherers

    Much has been made recently about the effects of Internet usage on the brain. Reading web content, according to some, is turning us into a culture of attention deficit disorder sufferers. No longer... Read more

  • Web Ecology and an Organization's Digital Footprint

    As Agentic has built its expertise in working with larger organizations, many items arise that are similar in nature. In many of our clients, the notion of a single website for their organization was... Read more

  • Value of Strategy

    Important to many clients is the notion that their website should be built quickly, efficiently, and take into account as many future trends as possible. Yet most of these projects take place in a... Read more

  • Innovation

    Agentic’s primary business is to create websites for clients in the not-for-profit sector using the open source Drupal CMS framework. A big question we regularly ask ourselves is whether we are “... Read more

  • PHP 5.3.x . . . The Drupal Killer

    A host that we refer a number of clients to recently decided it was a good idea to upgrade to PHP 5.3.x on one of our client's VPS's without informing us. Suddenly, clicking through to a content page... Read more

  • Podcast: How can your company leverage Web 2.0

    How can your business or nonprofit leverage Web 2.0 strategies to deepen your engagement with customers, win new fans, and position yourself for explosive growth? Marketing strategist Dorie Clark... Read more

  • IE Bug fix clashes with Drupal Views Cycle

    We've just solved a highly perplexing issue on a recent project.  Mysteriously, our lovely transitions on a Views Cycle banner rotator were not happening in IE7 and 8!  Instead of smooth dissolves,... Read more

  • Taxonomy image, views, getimagesize 401 error

    I created a view today with a taxonomy_image field, which complained with a 401 Authorization Required error, something like this: getimagesize failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1... Read more

  • Drupal 7 eaccelerator issues disabling eaccelerator in .htaccess lets D7 work php_flag eaccelerator.enable 0 php_flag eaccelerator.optimizer 0 otherwise, we get the error: PHP Fatal error:  Class '... Read more

  • Drupal Views Taxonomy Grouping Date Sort Issues

    We had an issue today with Views 2 not grouping on taxonomy terms in anything but Table view. We asked the view to group on taxonomy terms and sort on date field, but it really sorted by date field,... Read more


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