At Agentic, we believe in being the agents of change, whether that be social, technological or personal. We blog about what we do! See what we’ve been creating, improving and participating in.

  • Drupal Business Summit

     The Drupal Business Summit is the perfect opportunity for Vancouver-area firms and organizations to discover what Drupal can provide for you. It's a chance to hear and talk to many people that... Read more

  • Does your website work for you? Not the only question you need to ask.

    Does your website work for you? That’s a great question, but that's not the only question to ask. Our clients often come to us with a web redesign project, but they don't just come with one website;... Read more

  • Working with Social Change Orgs

    One of the things that we recognize at Agentic is the increased specialization that we have in working with social change organizations. These are typically not-for-profit, but can be government... Read more

  • Opinion: Facts are meaningless

    I recently made a controversial statement during a presentation: facts are meaningless. The audience responded with nervous laughter, probably wondering how to digest this remark. But in our business... Read more

  • White Paper: Interactive narrative - An emerging form

    In a sense, all narrative is interactive. When someone is watching a film or reading a novel, they are interpreting the story and thus co-creating its meaning. Online, an interactive narrative is a... Read more

  • Web Trends for Social Change Organizations in 2012

    On Thursday, November 24, I had the pleasure of hosting a group of social change innovators for a breakfast presentation on top Web Trends for Social Change Organizations in 2012.... Read more

  • White paper: Failure and the Client-Focused Approach

    Nobody wants to fail. Failure is something we naturally try to avoid. But what happens when it occurs? As agencies, we don’t often talk about it publicly, but of course we have failures. And within... Read more

  • PNW Drupal Summit Presentation

    Presented yesterday at PNW Drupal Summit in Portland on Drupal UI Tweaks and UX/UI considerations in the products we deliver. Slides are on... Read more

  • Why We Still Build Websites

    It’s become increasingly clear that a number of firms are changing their work direction to focus more on strategy as opposed to web production. This means they are tackling the first steps of... Read more

  • BC Self Advocacy Foundation Case Study

    A recent project that we’ve had a chance to work on was a project for the BC Self Advocacy Foundation. This organization assists people with developmental disabilities to become full participating... Read more


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