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At Agentic, we believe in being the agents of change, whether that be social, technological or personal. We blog about what we do! See what we’ve been creating, improving and participating in.

  • Major IE security exploit

    Many of our clients use IE as their browser of choice, as do many of their site visitors. We've noted in the past that the Drupal admin interface is optimized for Firefox, that is certain admin... Read more

  • Drupal Business Summit

     The Drupal Business Summit is the perfect opportunity for Vancouver-area firms and organizations to discover what Drupal can provide for you. It's a chance to hear and talk to many people that... Read more

  • Summertime update

     Vancouver has been a cold and wet place this summer, apparently with the most rain in 20 years! Still, we've been working away and are happy to welcome a number of new projects, including a web... Read more

  • Spring Updates

    Spring is finally here in the air, with the cherry trees in full bloom. It's a good time to take stock as we head finally into some warmer weather. We've had a number of great projects lately, with... Read more

  • A Bright New Year

    Quite delighted to start the new year with a number of successful projects and general good news. Chief among them is that we have received word that we have a successful grant application for a... Read more

  • Melting Silos 2010

    We've launched the new 2010 Melting Silos program, which is a development project for five innovative narrative projects. Melting Silos is supported by Telefilm Canada and by partners NFB and Praxis... Read more

  • Fall approaches!

    Wow, the summer has flown by and the fall is coming! We've been really busy this summer, working on a great new project with the Anti-Discrimination Center in NYC on a new journal; helping a new... Read more

  • Web of Change 2010

    This year, we are supporting Web of Change as a Title Sponsor, which is a significant change for us. But it's reflective of the real importance this gathering has had for us, both as a business and,... Read more

  • Digital Drum Pro

    Digital Drum Pro is the newest add to the Agentic family of websites. Designed and developed by our team, it's a way that Aboriginal filmmakers in Canada can profile and develop their work in a way... Read more

  • Innovative Mapping Widget

    As a new part of the Vision Vancouver website, we've launched a really cool new web widget developed by Biro Creative. It was Communicopia's idea to have this neat way of putting people on the map of... Read more


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